Deciding How to Extend Your Home

09 September 2022 by Garrett Looney

Expanding your living space through a home extension is an exciting prospect, but it's essential to make informed decisions when choosing the right type of extension for your needs. Each option offers unique advantages and considerations, and the choice you make will have a lasting impact on your home. There are some crucial factors to consider when narrowing down the options, whether you're aiming to create a spacious open-plan living area or add extra bedrooms for a growing family. Some key factors that should shape your choice include;


Purpose and Functionality


Start by defining the primary purpose of your extension. Are you looking to create additional living space, expand your kitchen or add more bedrooms? Each type of extension can serve different functions. For instance, single-storey extensions are great for open-plan living areas, while double-storey extensions could be better suited to additional bedrooms. Clarifying your goals can help you narrow down your options. 


Available Space and Budget


Assess the available space on your property and your budget constraints. Wrap-around extensions provide a significant amount of space, transforming the layout of your home, but they come with higher costs. If you have limited outdoor space, consider rear or side extensions instead. It's crucial to strike a balance between your available space and budget. Working closely with a home extension architect can help you create a structure that provides the living space you need within your budget. 


Planning Permission and Building Regulations


Local planning regulations can influence your choice. Some extensions may require planning permission, while others fall under permitted development rights. Consult with an architect to navigate these regulations and ensure compliance. Understanding planning permissions and building regulations early in the process is vital. It will help to prevent you from getting your heart set on an unsuitable design that you won’t be able to get the necessary approvals for, saving time, money and a lot of hassle.


Aesthetic Integration


Consider how the extension will blend with your home's aesthetic. An architect can help you design an extension that complements your property's style and architecture, ensuring a cohesive and visually pleasing result. Whether your home has traditional charm or contemporary elegance, harmonising the new extension with the existing structure is essential. With the right design choices, your extension will feel like part of the original property. 


Lifestyle Requirements


Think about your family's current and future needs. If you're growing your family, additional bedrooms may be essential. For remote work, a dedicated home office might be a priority. Align the extension type with your lifestyle to ensure it serves you well in the long term. As your family evolves, so should your home and the right design is key to ensuring your home remains functional and adaptable to your changing needs.


Project Timeline


Factor in the time required for construction and the disruption it may cause. Simple, single-storey extensions often have shorter construction timelines than more complex double-storey extensions, making them a more convenient choice. However, it’s not just the design that will impact the project timeline, there are several other factors to consider. If you have specific deadlines or want to minimise disruption to your daily life, speak to your architect about your concerns. 


Resale Value


Most types of extensions can increase the potential resale value of your home, yet extensions with larger square footage tend to have more of an impact. Understanding the potential return on investment is essential, especially if you plan to sell your home in the future. A thoughtfully designed and well-executed extension can add substantial value and become an attractive feature for prospective buyers.


Searching for a Home Extension Architect in Sussex?


Deciding how to extend your home is a significant step toward enhancing your living space and lifestyle. It’s a crucial decision that involves careful consideration of your needs, budget, space and preferences. By assessing these factors and consulting with professionals, you can make an informed choice that results in a home extension tailored to your unique requirements. 


No matter what type of extension you opt for, partnering with a home extension architect is essential. They bring expertise, creativity and project management skills to the table, enabling your vision to become a reality while adhering to all regulations. 


At George & James Architects, we specialise in helping homeowners transform their properties through carefully planned and executed extensions. If you’d like to start your renovation journey, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with our experienced home extension architects in Sussex. We look forward to helping you create your dream home. 

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