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Here at George & James Architects we believe that architecture should make you feel good, our buildings are thoughtful, joyful and timeless (and so are we).

Established Hampshire Architects

We are an established RIBA architectural practice, with our studio set within a beautifully restored old dairy barn in Midhurst, just on the border with Hampshire. Our rural location offers us plenty of space and inspiration to fed into our designs.

We believe that the places where we live, work and play should be healthy and happy - filled with natural light, connected with nature, giving us everything we need to thrive. But no two people are the same, so why should our homes, workspaces and social spaces be any different? At George & James we dig deep and listen intently, to really understand the way you want to live and what matters to you.

If our design ethos and process fits with you, and you are excited about the process of creating a good building together, then we would love to talk. However, if you’re not too bothered about what your building will look like or how it will make you feel, then we’re probably not the architects for you.

Our design experience

We all bring different perspectives to the table, each member of the George & James team has rich design experience, between us we have worked on everything, from one-off bespoke houses, to cafes, workspaces and even yoga studios. We love bouncing ideas off each other and putting our heads together when a problem seems particularly knotty. Those are some of the very best things about being the resourceful, close-knit team we are.

Although we enjoy working locally on projects in West Sussex, we do work on many projects in areas of London and the South East. In fact, if it’s the right project and the right client, we’ll work almost anywhere.


"George & James are incredible architects. They guided us with kindness, patience and complete professionalism. They turned our woolly suggestions into a vision for our house that we'd never have thought of in a million years. Their suggestions were simple yet incredibly effective and have truly transformed how we live in our home."
— Naomi

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