Woodville Road

When Simon's parents upped sticks to a dilapidated Edwardian house in need of love, attention and a strong vision, who else to call but the architects they knew best? We were, of course, very happy to help. We listened carefully, because, even when you know your clients pretty well, you can’t take anything for granted, and then we worked our professional magic.
We made much-needed connections between previously disconnected spaces, brought back the Edwardian grandeur which previous owners had smothered with dubious interventions, and chose a vibrant colour for the kitchen – Vardo by Farrow & Ball – which spoke of the seaside surroundings (and pushed our clients just slightly beyond their comfort zone). The house is now a beauty, both inside and out, and, happily, the Drayson family dynamics are as good as they’ve ever been.

"We LOVE our newly designed home. All thanks to the architects. They were a delight to work with, patient with all our requests and professional throughout."
Jo & Brian