Vicarage Hill

Vicarage Hill is a deep refurbishment of a 1980s bungalow, currently in the construction phase. This thoughtful renovation is tailored for Paul and Di, a retired couple seeking proximity to family while embracing an energy-conscious lifestyle.

The project is located on the outskirts of Farnham. The existing house was first built in the 1980’s and was extended further in the 1990’s. After years of unhelpful adjustments the house has become dark and badly organised and is need of some love and attention.

Our design strategy revolves around sustainability and preservation. Rather than opting for a full demolition, we've chosen to enhance the existing structure, minimising environmental impact. Dark spaces are being transformed, prioritising connectivity to the surrounding gardens and allowing natural light to flood every room.

To ensure maximum energy efficiency, the building is undergoing a significant upgrade. It's being enveloped in insulation and an air-tight membrane, with a focus on reducing heat loss and optimising energy usage. Indoor air quality is really important as it provides a healthy environment and removes the risk of damp and mould, an MVHR ventilation system is included in the project, ensuring fresh air is delivered throughout the house, and heat from bathrooms is recycled to further reduce energy usage. The original timber windows are in the process of being replaced with high-performing triple-glazed aluminium windows, contributing to the overall energy-conscious design.

With an emphasis on low maintenance, the exterior boasts through-colour render walls, aluminium eaves, fascia, and rainwater pipes – materials chosen for their timeless aesthetic. The poorly planned rooms are being reimagined, promoting natural light and garden views, while extra-wide doors and a new spine circulation space enhance accessibility and flow.

When completed, stepping through the front door will offer a seamless view to the garden. The east-to-west axis will provide captivating views, creating a sense of spaciousness and a profound connection to the surrounding landscape. A new terrace will provide the perfect spot for breakfast in the morning sun, while a meticulously preserved historic grotto will offer a charming spot for evening cocktails.

Even the garage hasn't been overlooked; it's being retained and upgraded with an electric car charging point, aligning with the couple's eco-conscious lifestyle. Inside, a contemporary aesthetic will prevail, featuring recessed shadow gap skirtings, oak floors, and sleek oak doors. Bathrooms will showcase porcelain tile floors and walls, with built-in joinery enhancing functionality in spaces like the boot room and entrance hall storage.

The project is not just a renovation in progress; it's a thoughtful transformation that merges sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics, creating a home that will stand the test of time. Stay tuned for updates as we bring this vision to life

Project status:  Construction

338 115 Finishes GF Plan Image credit: © George and James Architects