Treyford Barns

We relish working on a larger scale, and this masterplan project did exactly that, welcome to our exciting project in the South Downs National Park—a creative venture born from a design competition (which sadly we didn’t win!). Imagine a revamped rural site with art galleries, studios, cozy cottages for artists, a sculpture garden, community gardens, and versatile workspaces. The existing barns, like friendly guardians, are ready to embrace this transformation, providing both shelter and inspiration.

Our design journey follows five key ideas. Firstly, we respect and retain the existing structures. Secondly, we're mindful of costs by focusing on the essentials and repurposing what's already there. Thirdly, we build flexibility into the project, allowing it to grow naturally over time.

Fourthly, we make sure that the artists are at the heart of our plan— we seek to create spaces that can flex and evolve under the protective 'flysheet' of the existing barn roofs. And finally, our goal is to create not just a venue but a memorable community space—a hub for artistic expression.

Our plan unfolds in three steps. First, we align with the existing buildings' structure, making sure everything fits well together. Second, we integrate the reworked structure into a new landscape—a practical and invigorating backdrop for artistic pursuits. Lastly, we introduce a covered 'street,' connecting different units and activities, promoting a sense of community.

With the inside of the buildings providing the space and stimulation for all its activities, the outside can be equally stimulating. The building is tough and robust and the landscape should match it. There can be areas of calm repose where the garden is carefully tended and there can be areas where food or special plants are grown, but otherwise, the landscape is a way of redefining the context for the barns, providing spaces for external sculpture, and negotiating a strong relationship with the South Downs

This project is not just about buildings—it's a collaborative dance between art, nature, and community—a transformative celebration of the cultural richness of the South Downs National Park.

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