The Art of Tailored Luxury, Customising Interiors in New Build Country Houses

21 November 2023 by Darren Leach

Contemporary Farmhouse entrance detail architecture South Downs National Park

In the world of truly bespoke architecture, the journey from imagining a new country house to creating a home that truly reflects the essence of its inhabitants is a captivating adventure. At the heart of this journey lies the art of tailored luxury, where every detail, from spatial planning to the selection of materials, fixtures and fittings, contributes to the creation of a uniquely personalised home.

Spatial Planning: Crafting Your Daily Experience

Spatial planning is not merely about the physical layout of rooms; it's about orchestrating and planning the journeys you take within your home, so every moment feels natural. From the moment you arrive at the front door to the moment you relax with a glass of your favourite tipple; every step is carefully considered. The difference between an off-the-peg and a custom-built home lies in the meticulous organisation of spaces that resonate with your lifestyle. Considering what happens on your return from a muddy country walk, or when your family and friends descend for festive gatherings, and intimate family moments become the keystones in designing a home that is not just a structure, but a living, breathing extension of your identity.

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Bespoke Joinery: Crafting Functional Art

 The significance of bespoke joinery in a new country home cannot be overstated. Beyond the practical aspects of storage and organisation, bespoke joinery allows for the creation of functional and special pieces that fit perfectly and work just as you would like them to. Whether it's a kitchen designed to perfection, a pantry with a place for every item, or a hidden wine cellar for shared moments or private indulgence, bespoke joinery ensures that every nook and cranny serves a purpose aligned with your vision. 

Finding Joy in Every Detail: Statement Pieces and Unique Furnishings

 A home becomes truly unique when it harbours moments of joy. It could be a breath-taking view framed within a specific room or a statement piece of furniture that tells a story. Bespoke furnishings, handcrafted with care, offer an opportunity to showcase your personality and family values. From rugs to objects, every item becomes a canvas for self-expression. Craftsmanship takes centre stage, as skilled craftspeople use their specialist skills and knowledge and the finest materials to create objects that withstand the test of time, aging gracefully and maturing with use.

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Preserving Sentiment: Designing Around Important Objects

The interior design journey begins with an understanding of what holds sentimental value to you. Whether it's a cherished heirloom or a piece of art awaiting its perfect home, these items form the soul of your space. Designing around them ensures they either become the focal point of a room or find a secluded corner with tailored lighting and ventilation, securing their delicate existence for generations to come.

Investing Wisely: Creating a Hierarchy of Spaces

The word bespoke naturally comes with a cost, making strategic investments is crucial to staying on budget. We approach this by creating a hierarchy of spaces which allows for clear direction on where to allocate resources. The most significant rooms can receive a greater upfront investment, ensuring they radiate opulence, while lesser-used spaces or function spaces can take a plainer aesthetic, and can evolve over time. This thoughtful approach leaves room for growth, allowing you to collect special things that enrich your home as you journey through life.

Refurbished Edwardian Manor with Contemporary Garden Room

When creating a new home, from the very beginning, every thread is a choice, every detail a statement, and every space an opportunity for self-expression. It's not just about designing a house; it's about creating a legacy, a home that stands as a testament to your unique journey and enduring style. As we explore the current design trends shaping the country house market, we invite you to embark on this bespoke adventure with us – where luxury is not just seen but felt, experienced, and woven into the very fabric of your new country home.

We are well versed in crafted luxury, truly bespoke homes and would be delighted to help you create the house of your dreams. Get in touch to start your design journey, we look forward to hearing from you. 

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