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12 January 2024 by Simon Drayson

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Our Get Set Package, for residential projects under £250,000

If this is your home and your budget is under £250,000 it may not be practical to get us on board for the whole hog. Since every project takes up a certain amount of headspace, time, energy, and emotion, the numbers just wouldn't add up. But we're big believers in the value everyone can get from an architect, especially at the early stages. It really can be transformational, even for smaller projects, and we don’t want anyone to miss out. Which is why we have come up with our Get Set Package.

The gist of it is that we will take you on a design journey that will get you as far as a Planning Application submission, setting you up for a successful project and a beautiful place to live. So, no matter what your budget, if you’re a homeowner in West Sussex, Surrey or Hampshire, and if you value design and would love to work with us, read on…

We offer three levels – small, medium and large – each with a fixed fee, with a 50% payment required up-front. Details of what is included, what is excluded and the process are included below.


Projects costing in the region of £100,000 to build

Architectural Design:

£4,500 + VAT

Measured Survey:

£1,000 + VAT

Total £5,500 + VAT


Projects costing in the region of £150,000 to build

Architectural Design:

£5,500 + VAT

Measured Survey:

£1,500 + VAT

Total £7,000 + VAT


Projects costing in the region of £200,000 to build

Architectural Design:

£6,500 + VAT

Measured Survey:

£2,000 + VAT

Total £8,500 + VAT

What is included:

  • A Briefing meeting to discuss your aspirations for the project

  • We will visit your home for a walk-around and conversation
  • A review of local planning application submission requirements to check if any specialist reports will be required to support your application

  • We will advise you of any other specialist consultants that might be required to support your project, including structural engineers, service engineers and party wall surveyors

  • We will carefully select the right external materials for your project

  • Two design meetings are included, to review the bespoke designs as they progress

  • A concept design document, with our initial thoughts and sketches

  • A set of architectural planning application drawings and a design statement

  • A technical sense check – to make sure your project is buildable (note that building control and technical drawings for construction are not included)

  • We will submit the planning application on your behalf.
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What is excluded:

  • The planning application fee

  • Planning application negotiations or the work to discharge planning conditions

  • Cost consultancy

  • Specialist reports and documents that might be required for the planning application, such as an ecological assessment (bats, birds and great crested newts), flood risk assessment or dark sky’s lighting assessment

  • Technical drawings and specifications for tendering your project or for construction

  • Building control application

  • Interior design and coordination (kitchens, bathrooms, lighting, joinery and finishes).
Architectural drawing RIBA George James Architects Sussex Surrey Hampshire

The Process

The process is simple, before we start (this bit is free) you have a 30 minute call on Zoom with us to talk through your project, check we’re a good fit, and confirm which size bracket you fall into. Following our call we will confirm our discussion, we will put together an appointment agreement for signing, and we will send you an invoice for the 50% up-front payment. When all of this is in hand we will get going with a simple three-step process... 

We will meet you face to face and you can show us around your home, and with our help you commission a measured survey. You will need a ‘measured survey’ undertaken by a surveyor, we have included a measured survey fee within the packages noted above. We will undertake our planning desktop study and will advise you on whether additional specialist reports are required to support your planning application, if they are we will point you in the direction of some great people who can help. We will also begin sketching. 

We meet again, back on Zoom or in person at our studio if preferred, to explain our ideas through drawings and images, which we then email over for you to digest. If they don’t make you smile, we keep drawing until you do. See Taking shape for more on this. With the concept design agreed, we will move to the final stage. 

We will prepare and send you your draft Planning drawings, for your approval before incorporating one final round of comments. We will send you an invoice for the remaining 50% of our fee before your Planning application is submitted. In order to make the submission any specialist reports will be required. We will keep in touch with the Planning Department throughout the process to smooth its way towards approval, and we keep you in the loop. We talk about all this in Getting Planning.

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Additional Services and what’s next?:

Our Get Set Package includes all of the essentials that you will need for a beautifully designed addition or renovation for your home. We do have a number of additional services that you might enjoy and that could enhance your experience of the process, these include three-dimensional drawings and virtual reality, interior design and technical drawing packages. 

The first is our ability to bring your design to life through three-dimensional drawings and virtual reality. At George and James Architects we can seamlessly integrate virtual reality technology into our design process as we feel that this is a valuable tool to help you experience your future building. With the use of VR headsets and specialist software, we can bring your project to life, allowing you to explore and understand the design in three dimensions. This immersive approach offers significant benefits, enhancing communication by helping you to understand the ideas for your project, enabling efficient experimentation with different options, and ultimately saving time and costs throughout your project.

Take a look at our Interior Architecture service, if you would like us to dive into the interior of your home we can tailor a service for you. This can include the design of kitchens and bathrooms, bespoke built-in joinery and the selection and specification of floor and wall finishes and colours. 

And when approval for your project has been granted by the local planning department, we can discuss how we can support you further with your project. We can provide a fee quotation to provide technical drawings and specifications which can be used for building control applications, for tendering your project to find the right builder and for construction purposes.  

Get in touch to discuss how we might be able to help you with your project. 

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