How much does an architect cost?

14 July 2021 by Darren Leach

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This is a difficult question for us to answer, as we can’t tell you exactly how much we charge without first finding out about your project. If we gave you a preselected price, we’d be trying to fit your requirements inside a box that might not fit, which isn’t how we work. But, to give you a ballpark figure, our typical fees range from 8 to 15% of construction costs.

It all depends on the size and complexity of your project, and how involved we are. And it’s not always worked out as a percentage. It could be a fixed fee, a time-charge fee, or a percentage fee – depending on your project and how we can give you the most value. We are always happy to show you examples of our past projects and give you an idea of the figures involved and the fee structure used. That should give you a bit of context as well as the reality check you might be looking for.

We will say that, before embarking on a project, it’s as important for you to be honest with us about your budget, as it is for us (or your architect) to be upfront with you about costs. If we all know where we stand, we can keep our feet firmly on the ground while dreaming big and aiming high.

Then, once you’ve talked us through your own aspirations as well as your budget, we’ll be able to work out exactly what’s possible for you.

We’ll also explain the different things – and people – you’ll need to factor in to the budget: planning application fees, building control fees, a structural engineer, maybe a party-wall surveyor, and of course construction costs, which will vary depending on the site, location, design and level of specification.

We can even drill down to the cost of furniture (both built-in and free-standing), curtains, blinds, landscaping, and all those other things that make a place both liveable and functional. You may not be ready to think about them right now, but we know they’re a crucial part of getting you to the finish line.

There is a lot to think about, all we can say for certain is that good design – and good project management – really is worth its weight in gold. We save you time, money and worry. We get the design right before construction starts on site, which means a streamlined process, no costly changes, no time wasted, much less risk, and a happy builder.

And that’s just the start – good design is something you’ll appreciate every day, and for years to come.

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