Embracing the Charm of Old Buildings

28 February 2022 by Garrett Looney

goodwood house

Renovating an old house comes with a rollercoaster of emotions, blending excitement, frustration, love and satisfaction. There is that rush of excitement as you visualise the potential that is hidden within the old and tired walls. Running alongside this is the feeling of frustration with the unexpected challenges that will be faced and the true extent of the renovation. There are also moments of wonderful nostalgia that will surface as you uncover traces of the past, stunning architectural pieces that connect the building with the history and the stories it holds. 


Despite these emotions and hurdles, there is of course that feeling of love and sense of achievement as you witness the transformation unfold and each restoration and improvement breathing new life into the old building and the slow creation of a new home; for you; knowing that you have preserved a piece of history whilst creating a home filled with memories yet to be made. Here at George & James Architects we appreciate that there is something undeniably enchanting about old buildings.They ooze beauty and can have a unique identity to them. 


Whatever it is; these structures have a story to tell. As much as architectural buildings are fascinating, we simply can't ignore the reality that they were designed and built when lifestyles were different to what they are now. Windows that welcomed both sunlight and chilly drafts and kitchens that were tucked away, which is far from the heart of the home as a lot of our kitchens are these days. With a touch of inspiration and creativity, we can breathe new life into these buildings and that beneath the layers and that a world of potential is waiting to be unearthed. 


Within this post we learn more about unearthing the beauty of our old; yet captivating building and what you need to consider and how we can help you on your journey.


What Does Renovating a House Mean?


We believe in prioritising quality over quantity when it comes to space and renovating your home. Instead of rushing into adding a big box at the back or side of your property; we fully believe in taking a step back and assessing your current floorplan, foundations and surroundings. Can any of the existing spaces be worked, rearranged, or repurposed to better suit your needs? 


We are big believers in this and are advocates for thoughtful, clever and even strategic planning that gets you the most out of your property. By carefully examining your home's existing layout and of course its potential, we can work with you and create a space that meets your needs and prioritises functionality, aesthetics, and the inherent character and original features of your space.


What to Consider when Renovating an Old Property


  • Preserving the historical character


Old buildings often have unique architectural features and a sense of charm that all contribute to their identity. When renovating, it is crucial to preserve and celebrate these whilst of course meeting and accommodating modern needs and your requirements. It is a practical idea to carefully assess which features are worth retaining and restoring, such as original mouldings, exposed brickwork, or ornate windows and strike that balance between preserving the building's historical character and incorporating contemporary and modern amenities, creating a warm, authentic and usable environment.


  • Structural respect and safety


It is important to address any underlying structural issues and make sure the property is safe and stable; before starting your renovation. Instructing a thorough inspection is a great idea to identify any potential hazards, such as deteriorating foundations or outdated electrical and plumbing systems. This will reduce and prevent any unplanned costly situations and of course maintain and preserve the historical beauty of the building for years to come. Prioritising structural integrity not only ensures the safety of occupants but also lays a solid foundation for the renovation process, enhancing the longevity and value of the property.


  • Energy-efficient design 


Energy-efficient windows, improved insulation and a modern heating system will improve the overall efficiency and comfort within your home. Being more energy efficient and improving this within the old building you are renovating is a great way to also reduce your impact on climate change and make your home sustainable and environmentally aware for years to come. Additionally, investing in energy-efficient features can lead to long-term cost savings on utility bills, making your renovation not only environmentally friendly but also wise financially.


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