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22 March 2022 by Darren Leach

Extension and refurbishment of a small 90s terraced house in Stoke Newington
The garden studio at Palatine Avenue

We were recently asked to contribute to the article ‘How to add space and value to your property’ for the property section of the Daily Telegraph; the article looked into different options for home improvements that will enhance your home. 

We offered advice for adding a home office, which is becoming an increasingly popular feature within homes. If you have the space, a successful solution can be adding an office within the garden, these types of buildings are usually classed as outbuildings and come under permitted development (do please check, as regulations do vary depending on location and dwelling type), the full article can be read here. 

Outbuildings are normally allowed if they meet certain criteria, such as the eaves height being lower than 2.5m, for more information we have written an in-depth article on garden offices here 

If you want to discuss a possible garden studio, or home improvement project, do get in touch with us.

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