How Architecture Can Shape Interior Design

28 March 2022 by Garrett Looney

Modern life for many of us is extremely busy; juggling work, children, exercise and lifestyle and it is easy to overlook the importance and the impact indoor spaces have on our lifestyle and wellbeing. It is within our walls that we create routine, laughter, energy, family, lifestyle and the daily mundane moments. Our way of living; whether its tidying up toys, putting your work laptop away; starting dinner, doing some exercise, unwinding in front of the television after a busy day or helping with your children’s homework, all shape our daily existence and its so important that the inside of your home works for you. 


It is these moments of domestic living that ground us and although sometimes they may not feel like it; they are our small routines and pleasures that sync our lives with our homes and the walls we live in; making the interior of your home so very important to get right. Here at George & James Architects we are big admirers of quality over quantity and so whether your home is an old, restored building or a modern new build; big or unassuming; what is important is that it works for all your daily routines and activities; that it is warm and familiar. 


Within this post we learn more about the importance of interior design and how choosing the right interior will have such a positive impact on your lifestyle.


Exploring Interior Design?


Interior design is about designing spaces that work for you; and are a real mix of usability and aesthetics to create interior spaces that are not just stunning to look at, but also help and work for you in your daily life, work and play. At George & James Architects we believe interior design is about transforming empty rooms into usable reflections of your personality and where every element of the space; from the furniture; to the lighting, the colour palette and textures you use are carefully chosen to meet your needs and create the aesthetic that you desire. 


What to Consider with Interior Design


Functionality is the key to interior design. A well-designed space is vital; meeting your brief for its intended purpose as well as integrating your day to day into all elements of its layout. 

Considerations include where people enter the space, where the natural lighting coming from, maximising storage solutions and layout of furniture all will mean you get the most out of the space in terms of how it is used as well as how it looks. 


How the space looks is of course very important when it comes to interior design. This plays a key role in the space's character and personality. Colour palettes, textures, furniture selection and lighting are all design elements that play a crucial role in the overall look and feel of the space you are creating. The word harmony we don’t use lightly as it is so hard to get right; but when you do, the space that you create is magical and is a delicate balance between how it looks and how it is used. 


Achieving harmony can be a challenge; although very achievable and requires a thorough and rounded approach that combines all elements of design; from layout of the space; where the walls, doors and windows are, as well as radiators and storage; to the materials and furniture and decoration used. These combined you will create a space that is inviting and works for you. 


How George & James Architects Can Help you


At George & James Architects, we're committed to guiding you through every aspect of your project, a journey that we wholeheartedly enjoy and eagerly embrace. Our collaboration with you encompasses a broad spectrum of services, from harnessing cutting-edge technology and 3D software to accompany you to showrooms for inspiration and designing tailored storage solutions. 


With our comprehensive approach, we ensure that your vision and requirements for the space align with practicality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. Throughout the process, we provide guidance and support, embracing our innovation and hands-on approach to help you make informed decisions and bring your ideal space to life.


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