Lavender Road Two

When you start work on a design, it’s good to know exactly what – and who – you’re dealing with, but sometimes the clients won’t play ball. Or rather, life takes over, which is what happened at Lavender Road. First, we were designing just for our client. Then we were designing for a couple (her partner had moved in), and then we were designing for three (they’d had a baby). We like the fact that the three different materials – tile, timber and brick – attest to this evolving and expanding brief – and that the house has changed completely, just like our clients’ lives.

Overall we really rated George & James Architects for high levels of professionalism and flexibility. We went for design and project management which made changes or adjustments, which there always are with building works, seamless and easy for us to understand and to end up with a suitable solution. Simon’s relationship with the builder and guys on site brought everyone together into what felt like a team working to deliver to a high standard. The end result has really seen a transformation of the property and to the way we live in our home.
Adrian and Marzanne